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Brain Tumour Team Update

Nick Gottardo story talking about Medullablastoma

Dr Raelene Endersby

2016, Kids Cancer Project, Improved chemotherapy regimens for medulloblastoma, $125,354, Nick Gottardo, Raelene Endersby, Terry Johns

2016-2018, Telethon-Perth Children's Hospital Research Fund (2 years), Exploiting the cell cycle to improve treatment efficacy in childhood brain tumours, $237,369, Nick Gottardo, Raelene Endersby, Terry Johns

2016-2018,  Cancer Australia: Priority-driven Young Investigator Project Grant, Improving the cure rates of childhood brain cancer. $200,000. CIA : Nick Gottardo. AIs: Raelene Endersby, Xiao-Nan Li, Terry Johns, Amar Gajjar.

2014, Cancer Council WA / BHP Billiton Infrastructure Grant, $500,000, Ursula Kees, Raelene Endersby, Jason Waithman, and others

2014, Telethon-Perth Children's Hospital Research Fund (2 years), $198,344, Nick Gottardo, Raelene Endersby, Anang Shelat, Clinton Stewart, Christa Nath

2014, Raine Medical Research Foundation Clinician Research Fellowship 2013, Nick Gottardo

2013, Brain Foundation Grant (1 year), $20,000, Jacqueline Whitehouse

2011-2014, John Lillie Cancer Research Fellowship (3 years), Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, $750,000, Nick Gottardo, Raelene Endersby

2012-2015, NHMRC Project Grant APP1033720 (3 years), Testing novel therapies using paediatric brain tumour models. $371,175, Nick Gottardo, Ursula Kees, Raelene Endersby

2012-2013, Bright Blue Equipment Grant, Cancer Analysis Suite, $500,000, Raelene Endersby

2012, Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Small Grant (1 year), Molecular genetics of novel paediatric brain tumour models. $16,667, Raelene Endersby

Raelene Endersby

Brainchild Fellow; Co-Head, Brain Tumour Research

BSc (Hons) PhD

Dr Nick Gottardo

Co-Head, Brain Tumour Research


Staff Scientist - Jacqueline Whitehouse, PhD

Staff Scientist - Meegan Howlett, PhD

Postdoc - Suresh Gande, PhD

Senior Research Assistant - Hilary Hii, BSc Hons

Senior Research Assistant - Mani Kuchibhotla, BSc MSc

Research Assistant - Brooke Strowger, BSc Hons

Research Assistant - Patrick Dyer, BSc Hons

PhD Student - Mathew Ancliffe, BSc(Hons)

PhD Student - Courtney George, BSc(Hons)

PhD Student - Tenielle George, BSc(Hons)

PhD Student - Wes Wilson, MSc

PhD Student - Tracy Seymour, BSc(Hons)

Masters Student - Sasha Rogers, BSc(Hons) MBBS MRCS(ed)

Student Intern - Stacy Fazio