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At Telethon Kids, our cancer researchers are striving to get more effective therapies into the clinic.

Cancer is a battle too many children and teenagers face every day. It is the leading cause of death by disease among Australian children from birth to age 15.

The Telethon Kids Cancer Centre (TKCC) is a group of dedicated researchers striving to improve cure rates for young people affected by cancer. Our researchers ensure their research is grounded in clinical practice. We achieve this by forging strong partnerships between laboratory researchers and paediatric oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, imaging specialists and radiation oncologists. These clinicians share their observations from the clinic with laboratory colleagues and researchers plan their research direction with patients in mind.

Our cancer epidemiology researchers look for long-term patterns in population health data, together with genetic, dietary and environmental information about families that can help shed light on risk factors for childhood cancers.

video: cancer researcher

Meet Dr Nick Gottardo

video: living with childhood cancer

Meet Bailey