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Telethon Kids Cancer Centre Director

W. Joost Lesterhuis

NHMRC Early Career Investigator

Head of Sarcoma Translational Research

Researchers in the Sarcoma Translational Research Team aim to identify new treatments for children with sarcoma using a multidisciplinary approach combining cancer biology, immunology, systems biology and drug discovery.

We strive for a future where no child will die from brain cancer because we have developed new therapies that will cure their disease.

The main aim of our Leukaemia Translational Research Team is to test innovative therapeutic approaches, with a focus on clinical translation of this knowledge, to improve the outcomes of children suffering from leukaemia.

From basic science to targeted therapies, the Translational Genomics in Leukaemia team focuses on understanding the genetic bases of leukaemia to develop novel, better and safer treatments for children that develop leukaemia.

Researchers within the Cancer Immunology and Biology group are working to develop safer immunotherapy and personalised medicine treatments across various deadly childhood cancers, including brain cancer, sarcoma, leukaemia, and neuroblastoma.

Cancer Centre Support

The Cancer Centre Support team ensures the daily operations of the Cancer Centre run smoothy, freeing up our team members to focus on their vital research.