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Telethon Kids Cancer Centre Director

Terry Johns

Professor of Paediatric Cancer Research

Head of Oncogenic Signalling Laboratory

Telethon Kids Cancer Centre Deputy Director

W. Joost Lesterhuis


Simon Lee Fellow

Head of Sarcoma Translational Reserach

The focus of the Oncogenic Signalling Laboratory is the identification and characterisation of cellular networks that promote the survival and/or growth of cancer cells, especially brain cancer. This knowledge is then used to develop novel therapeutic strategies.

Researchers in the Sarcoma Translational Research Team aim to identify new treatments for children with sarcoma using a multidisciplinary approach combining cancer biology, immunology, systems biology and drug discovery.

We strive for a future where no child will die from brain cancer because we have developed new therapies that will cure their disease.

The main aim of our Leukaemia Translational Research Team is to test innovative therapeutic approaches, with a focus on clinical translation of this knowledge, to improve the outcomes of children suffering from leukaemia.

The Translational Genomics in Leukaemia team is focused on identifying the causes of leukaemia, with the goal of developing new targeted treatments to improve quality of care and long-term survival for all children with leukaemia.

The research of the Cancer Immunotherapy Team is focused on harnessing the power of the immune system to eradicate primary and advanced cancer.

Cancer Centre Core Research

The Cancer Centre Core Research team works accross all of the other teams to help facilitate and coordinate our collaborative research efforts.

Cancer Centre Support

The Cancer Centre Support team ensures the daily operations of the Cancer Centre run smoothy, freeing up our team members to focus on their vital research.