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July 2024

Towards precision cancer medicine for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer health equity

Delivering cancer control at scale for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities is a national priority that requires Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership and codesign, as well as significant involvement of the Aboriginal community-controlled health sector. The unique genomic variation observed among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples may have implications for standard and precision medicine.

Children's Cancers Published research Aboriginal Health Brain Tumour Research Indigenous Genomics Cancers (other)
June 2024

The ETO2 transcriptional cofactor maintains acute leukemia by driving a MYB/EP300-dependent stemness program

Transcriptional cofactors of the ETO family are recurrent fusion partners in acute leukemia. We characterized the ETO2 regulome by integrating transcriptomic and chromatin binding analyses in human erythroleukemia xenografts and controlled ETO2 depletion models. We demonstrate that beyond its well-established repressive activity, ETO2 directly activates transcription of MYB, among other genes.

Children's Cancers Published research Translational Genomics in Leukaemia
May 2024

Childhood Cancer Incidence and Survival in South Australia and the Northern Territory, 1990–2017, with Emphasis on Indigenous Peoples

Reports of a rise in childhood cancer incidence in Australia and globally prompted the investigation of cancer incidence and survival in South Australia and the Northern Territory over a 28-year period, with emphasis on Indigenous peoples.

Children's Cancers Published research Aboriginal Health Indigenous Genomics
June 2024

Precision-guided treatment in high-risk pediatric cancers

Recent research showed that precision medicine can identify new treatment strategies for patients with childhood cancers. However, it is unclear which patients will benefit most from precision-guided treatment.

Children's Cancers Published research Brain Tumour Research Leukaemia Translational Research